Sunday, November 8, 2009

My new best friend....& link to the outside world...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

If he could see her now....

This is Erin and Harper Richie, my cousin Steven's wife and only little girl. He was killed in a car wreck a year ago september 13. Erin was expecting w/ his first child when he passed away. Unfortunately i wasn't in as close contact w/ him as i should have been so his death was pretty tough to take. and i've been thinking about him a lot lately. i've become "friends" on facebook w/ his wife. I can not imagine having to live the rest of my life w/ out the love of my life. if you want to read more about him go to my blog archive...2008...then the entry in September about him.


how unfair life can be. i have lost 2 special people in my life in the passed year. i still question why. why did the Lord take them.

David, Sue, Brian, and Ryder

Brian's mom passed away 4 months ago. her bday is thursday. i don't know if brian will want to go to the cemetary or not. don't know if i should even bring it up.

the last thing that Sue said to me before the evil cancer took her "mentally" away was this one sentence on Mother's Day...i was hugging her good-bye it was just us in her bedroom...(knowing i was gonna have another baby) she said, "you tell that baby i love her".

it's not fair.

We spent friday night and all day saturday on Britt Hill. Since SueSue's gone i get to be "woman of the house" when we go there. i must say i get angry. there's no candle burning filling up the house w/ it's goodness. there aren't any seasonal decor up unless i put it up. her and david were seperated for 2 yrs before they got back together. and unfortunately she was sick the entire 6 months she was "back" before the evil cancer took her from us. she got to put some of "her" back in the house but it's still kinda cluttered. i don't know if David gets upset w/ me or not when i rearrange things and clean up. but i do it anyway. i guess i'm being selfish. poor me. i have to clean and cook isn't that terrible (sarcasm). i used to just get to hang out and be spoiled...sue would take care of the kids and cook for us when we visited. i love to cook for my family but it's just that i miss her. the house misses her. we miss her.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

and here she is....Miss Audrie Rain!

Audrie Rain Britt...born Sept. 28 '09 1:52pm 8lbs 4oz 20" long!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The impact of a teacher....

Mattie and I were sitting on the swing this morning waiting for the bus. She, out of the blue, says, "Mrs. Wallace was mean to me". She was mattie's first grade teacher...the first time. Mattie told me the teacher would yell at her when she would get her work wrong and that it would make her - Mattie - so mad. i asked her why she didn't tell us and she said that she did. i said that she had told us a year later not while she was in her class. lets just say Mattie did not do well at all starting from the 3rd six weeks on that year. When she did her 1st gr again w/ a very sweet teacher who didn't yell at her, strangely enough she made A's and B's on her report card ALL YEAR and was always on the A or A/B honor roll. Now in the 2nd grade she's still making A's and B's. Now if you were to ask Wallace why this is i'm quite sure she would quickly say that those teachers are just too easy. i know this b/c she made reference to "other" teacher being a lot easier than her while mattie was in her class.

Sometimes i think teachers forget how they can impact a child's life...negagive or positive. I can freely say that cuz i taught before getting married.

i'm sad today. sad that i couldn't protect my child. let's just say this will not EVER happen again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vaca '09 etc...

The Davis' and the Britt's...they invited us to go on vaca w/ them...we had an awesome time! Blessed to call them friends.

we love our Matt Girl

brother and sister

Dad and son!

yeah he's mine!

Mattie's first day of 2nd grade!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my new hair do and growing stomach...

me and brian...being silly! Fuge Camp

me, hannah, and sarah! Fuge Camp in Jackson, MS

me, seth and scott at Fuge Camp!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 weeks

that is how long she "fought the good fight" and the Lord finally took her home. cancer is evil and it took a special person out of the lives of brian, me, our kids and our family.

thank you friends for your encouraging words thru this time. it meant so much to brian to see faces from his past and present at the homecoming of his mom. she was so young. there were friends from childhood and high school..friends and teachers, friends from our church in texas and friends from our church here. the visitation started at 4pm and when me and my sis and parents left around 745pm people were still filling the church. wow.

in a way i feel relieved that the suffering is over then i look at my growing stomach and my two kiddos and feel they've been cheated.

on another note....brian and i are off to camp sunday and will return friday. the kiddos are going to aunt connies...u might want to send up a prayer for her an levi..heehahaheeheehaha:)